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The Beginner's Guide to Whole30

Jamie Webber
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Meat. Yes to a burger, no to a bun.

Poultry. So. Much. Chicken. Sausage.

Fish. You can even eat the canned stuff.

Veggies. Your options are limitless.

Fruits. An apple a day keeps your sweet tooth at bay.

Fats. Avocados every single day.

No sugar or natural or artificial sweeteners. Nope, not even maple syrup.

No booze. Make dry January great again!

No smoking. We mean weed too.

No grains. Time to empty your jar of quinoa.

No beans or legumes. No chickpeas, no peanut butter.

No soy. Tofu is a goner.

No dairy. Cheese is dairy, guys.

No processed additives. Carrageenan, sulfites, MSG.

No fake treats with Whole30-approved ingredients. Sorry, cauliflower crust pizza and Paleo pancakes, you're off-limits. This rule is all about building a healthier relationship with your food, and we think it actually works.

Weight loss. We can't complain.

Health conditions may improve. Headaches now only happen when we’re hungover.

Digestive problems resolved. We can finally poop twice a day!

Skin is clearer. No more teen acne in our 30s.

Energy levels are through the roof. What third cup of coffee?

An entirely new list of tasty recipes. Seriously, it's good food.

Transformed taste buds. Cravings for pizza subside faster these days.

More effective workouts. We didn’t stop to walk at mile 2 during a 4-mile run.

Improved sleep. We had the energy to wake up for said run.

Discovered what foods make us feel like crap. This is different for everyone and something we noticed once processed foods were added back into the diet on day 31; for some it's cheese; for others, it's the bread.