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5 Easy Ways to Make Meals in Advance

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Muffin Tin Portions 1 of 5

What a great idea to use muffin tins to freeze small mug-sized soup sortions ahead of time! Just grab a frozen portion and microwave in a mug. (via Mommy in Charge)

Freezer Crockpot Meals 2 of 5

I love this idea of spending one afternoon chopping, sorting, dividing and freezing so that you have a large selection of ready-for-the-crockpot frozen meals. Spices, seasonings, and vegetables are all included! (via Mama and Baby Love)

Smoothies 3 of 5

Make an entire month of smoothie meals-to-go by pre-portioning out your smoothie ingredients in a bag. (via The Tidy Nest)

Burritos 4 of 5

Shutter Bean shows how to make your own freezer burritos ahead of time. Much healthier than store bought burritos and you can tailor them to family members and breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Finished Sandwiches 5 of 5

I could see doing this with pulled pork sandwiches! Make entire breakfast sandwiches or lunch sandwiches ahead of time, wrap and freeze. (via Macheesmo)