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11 Savory Cupcake Recipes

Jillian Capewell
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Savory Cupcake Recipes 1 of 12

Mac and cheese, bacon and chocolate, and more

French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes 2 of 12

These cupcakes combine two beloved breakfast foods for a dessert that fans of sweets and meats will find irresistible. Make French toast and bacon cupcakes »

Bacon and Egg Cups 3 of 12

For the bacon and egg lover who just can’t be bothered with silverware in the morning. Make bacon and egg cups »

Brown Rice, Corn, Spinach Cupcakes 4 of 12

Sneak all the benefits of eggs and veggies into breakfast with these kid-friendly frittata cupcakes. (Who can resist cupcakes for breakfast?!) Make brown rice, corn, spinach cupcakes »

Eggs Baked in Ham Cups 5 of 12

Our favorite cupcake liner? The kind you can eat — like this tasty ham one. Make eggs baked in ham cups »

Chocolate and Bacon Maple Cupcakes 6 of 12

Who figured out bacon and chocolate made such a good pair? We’d like to thank them. Make chocolate and bacon maple cupcakes »

Croissant Egg Cups 7 of 12

Perfect as an after-school snack or as part of a “breakfast for dinner” meal, this recipe is simple enough for the kids to help with — and tasty enough for everyone. Make croissant egg cups »

Mini Pepperjack Savory Cups with Pesto Swirl 8 of 12

Topped off with some pesto “frosting,” these one-bite wonders are perfect for your next dinner party. Make pepperjack cups with pesto swirl »

Mac and Cheese Cupcakes 9 of 12

This is what happens when comfort food takes the form of comfort dessert. Make mac and cheese cupcakes »

Easy Lasagna Cups 10 of 12

Craving lasagna but don’t have tons of time? You can whip up these hearty, cheesy cupcakes in less than 20 minutes. Make easy lasagna cups »

Mac and Cheese Muffins 11 of 12

If you want a more cake-like mac and cheese “muffin,” try these bites. The crumb topping and that signature cheesiness will make you forget that this food was ever associated with a certain blue and yellow box. Make mac and cheese “muffins”»

Spicy Cornbread Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache 12 of 12

Amp up plain-ol' cornbread with this savory-sweet twist on the classic recipe. It just might become your new favorite snack! Make spicy cornbread and chocolate cupcakes »