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No Churn Dairy Free Ice Cream

  • minutes
  • Serves


3 cans

each) coconut milk, 2 of the 3 refrigerated for at least 24 hours*

3/4 cup


1 tsp

unflavored powdered gelatin**

3 oz

dairy-free chocolate chips (optional)

1 tsp

pure vanilla extract (optional)

*You must use full-fat coconut milk. Thai Kitchen brand coconut milk and Whole Foods 365 brand coconut milk both work well consistently for this application. So Delicious brand “Culinary Coconut Milk” also works great for the coconut cream portion.

**The gelatin is what keeps the ice cream from being too, well, icy. You can substitute 1 tablespoon of gluten free vodka for a similar result, but then it becomes an adults-only treat (and the vodka doesn’t work quite as well).