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Chocolate Chip Quinoa Trail Mix Balls

Eat, Live, Run
  • minutes
  • Serves


1 cup

old fashioned or quick-cooking oats, dry

1/4 cup

quinoa, dry + 3/4 cup water

1/4 cup

shredded unsweetened coconut

1/3 cup

unsalted sunflower seeds

1/2 cup

dark chocolate chips

1/3 cup

dried cherries, raisins or cranberries

1 tsp

vanilla extract

1/2 tsp

sea salt

1 tbsp

peanut butter

1/3 cup



Combine the quinoa and water in a small saucepot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 12 minutes, until quinoa has absorbed all the liquid. Fluff and scoop quinoa into a large mixing bowl.

Add sunflower seeds, oats, dried cherries and coconut to quinoa and mix well. Bring honey to a simmer on the stove then stir in the vanilla extract and pour on top of nuts and seeds. Mix until well combined.

Let mixture cool before adding the chocolate chips, peanut butter and sea salt. Mix well with your hands so the peanut butter is evenly dispersed but be careful not to melt the chocolate chips! Chill dough in fridge for an hour.

Using wet hands, gently roll mixture into golf ball-sized balls. Place balls on a plate and chill for at least two hours until firm.


2 1/2

hours (includes time to chill)

I love this idea and I LOVE that dress!! What a steal!

Very pretty dress! 🙂 And I love this idea … I think my husband would even like these! 🙂

You know what makes me most excited about this? All of the ingredients are in the salad & oatmeal station at my dorm dining hall. Thank you! Can’t wait to make these. I love the dress. Woo-hoo for old souls!

I want to make these and eat them frozen!

Brilliant! The first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was suet for birds! Although a very tasty looking suet. 🙂 I’m making these asap. We are planning a hike for Easter (our tradition) so these will help fuel us for the trek. Thanks!

OBSESSED with that dress! You’re adorable.

Mmm those balls look good! I’ll need to try that recipe. That dress looks adorable on you too! Love it 🙂

These are awesome! That dress was a steal!

Quinoa is so good for you! And the fact that you turned into a sweet snack sends it out of the water!

Mmm perfect for after a run!

Those look awesome! So do you in that dress…super cute! I hope you were able to get the wine out!

Looks yummy, quick and easy:) Perfect for after yoga!

That dress is fantastic!! Love vintage clothing stores! And these quinoa balls look delish!

ohh have fun camping, I always love looking at your camping adventure pictures!!

Those look amazing! What a great twist on granola bars!

YUM! We’re going camping in June so these will be perfect!

When I was in Santa Rosa last fall I stumbled into a vintage clothing shop near that coffee shop you’ve mentioned on here (Flying Goat or something??), and it was fantastic!

Love the dress and the trail mix snack!!! Have a fun camping trip!

I love love love this idea! Great use of quinoa, and I love grab and go snacks…even if I don’t camp. 😉

I LOVE this idea of adding quinoa to my granola bars!!

Why would anyone swap out the dried cherries!? These sound like a perfect office snack!

That dress is beautiful. I def. need to make these!


perfect snack for luring yogis to your class! Hope to hear a teacher training update soon!

these look crazy good! and i love that dress!!