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Low Carb Greek Crunch Wrap

Lillie, Lillie Loves Macros
  • 10 minutes
  • Serves 1



low carb wrap (I used Cut Da Carb which are my all-time favorite, and only available on their site, but Joseph's lavash are another great choice and are on amazon or often available at Walmart for the best price!)

75 g

leftover grilled greek chicken skewers (or any chicken will work!)

100 g

leftover greek salsa

30 g

Tzatziki (homemade or Trader Joe's makes a great one!)

30 g

a lower fat hummus (I used Hope Foods Black garlic, only 2 grams fat/2 tbs)

15 g

red onion (pickled if you have some!)

10 g

pickled cabbage (optional- I just throw cabbage in with the onions)


Squeeze of lemon


  • So good and filling! A lot of work but will last for several meals. I didn’t have arugula just used romaine.

    Stacie Austad • 2018-11-12