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Kahlua Float - Heather Christo

  • minutes
  • Serves 1



another family are coming over to eat and drink and celebrate

1 serving

i figured that even if you have quite the list of appetizers ready to make

1 serving

inspiration struck through this incredible espresso ice cream from a local artisanal ice cream brand

1 serving

rich kahlua and champagne create a creamy and frothy cocktail that is totally reminiscent of a float

1 serving

the chocolate rim is not only a great compliment to the coffee


kahlua float

1 tsp

corn syrup

1 Tbs

chocolate jimmies

1 scoop

espresso ice cream

1 1/2 ozs


1/8 cup


1 tsp

in a dish

1 serving

dip the corn syrup rim into the chocolate jimmies and coat the rim

1 tsp

take the jimmies and pour them into the bottom of the champagne glass

1 scoop

plop the of ice cream into the glass

1 serving

pour the kahlua over the ice cream

1 serving

top off the glass

1 serving

recipe by heather christo

1 serving

new years eve is already upon us

1 serving

what are you guys doing

1 tbsp

if you really wanted to get craaaazy