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Weight Watchers Freestyle Essentials

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1 serving

these items are less of snacks and more of things that i have to have on hand at all times in order to make different meals. keep reading to learn my low point must haves

1 serving

old wisconsin beef sticks

1 sticks

i recently stumbled upon these in the grocery store and i am so glad that i did! these are only 4sp each and are the perfect filling snack

1 serving

hidden valley greek yogurt ranch

1 serving


1 oz

before i found trader joe's lite m zarella

1 serving

laughing cow cheese wedges

1 serving

sara lee delightful bread

1 ball

butter turkey breakfast sausage links

1 serving

these are perfect

1 serving

hormel turkey pepperoni

1 serving

i love these

1 serving

taco bell mild sauce

1 can

taco tuesdays happen regularly in my house and this sauce is mandatory! i do not know exactly where the points start adding up

1 serving

here is the video version in case you would rather watch than read

1 serving

weight watchers freestyle essentials


april 23

1 serving