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How to Store Vegetables to Keep Them Fresh

  • minutes
  • Serves


1 bag

celery - take out of the plastic and wrap in foil before storage. this will help it to breathe

1 package

mushrooms - take them out of their and store in a paper bag. they'll be able to breathe better and won't get slimy

1 container

mushrooms - remove them from the that they came in and wrap tightly in plastic wrap

1 serving

corn on the cob - leave in the husk to store

1 can

lettuce - don't wash it until right before eating! if you must wash it so that you prep salads

1 can

summer squash - zucchini and other summer squash be wrapped in a paper towel to keep moisture away. then

1 bag

put it in a plastic . store it stem-side down so that the head doesn't collect any moisture

1 head

broccoli - wrap the in a damp paper towel to keep it from drying out

1 serving

cabbage - don't wash until right before you need it

1 serving

peppers - don't wash until right before you need them

1 serving

okra - put in a paper bag