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Day 12 of 30 Day Shred

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1 pt

i maintained my willpower and had no pizza exce a bit of crust landry had left over. i was proud of myself and had my normal lunch while the kids napped

1 serving

then i helped aaron get the boys ready

1 serving

instead i ordered hummus which came

1 serving

delicious! and healthy


then i came home and went to bed. no minute zumba

1 serving

while i am at the gym i also need to get some protein powder. i think i am going to try the peanut butter flavor. i will let you know how that is tomorrow

1 serving

ok...i mentioned earlier that i dandelion root tea and you are probably wondering what the heck for

1 serving

yesterday was a fun day

1 serving

the kids got to play

1 l

after they were off

1 serving

so i texted aaron to let him know where i was going

171 1/2

but today the scale was still at

1 serving

i saw this on pinterest and you know i am a sucker

5 lbs

from jillian michaels "losing of bloat