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Vintage Inspired Cookies

  • minutes
  • Serves


1 serving

vintage inspired cookies

1 serving

the color palette

1 serving

rose: wilton pink

1 serving

ivory: wilton brown

1 squares

these cookies were made using my orange vanilla spice recipe

1 serving

use an edible ink marker to draw the outline of the shape. i like to use foodoodler brand

1 serving

use a scribe tool to help form the shape and to evenly distribute the icing

1 serving

the flowers were made using the wet-on-wet technique. start out by piping a little of the rose color

1 serving

swirl the colors around


add tiny flowers

1 leaf

use the scribe tool to pull the icing into a shape


let the icing hours

1 serving

i also made some round cookies and put the flowers on the edge as a border

1 serving

once the icing is completely


posted on september 20

1 serving

the inspiration

1 serving

green: wilton kelly

1 serving

blue: wilton teal

1 serving

red: americolor tulip

1 serving

fill in the shape

1 leaves

then pipe using and a dot of

1 serving

pipe a border

1 g

if you'd like to pipe a mono