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10 Oatmeal & Porridge to Get You Through Winter

  • minutes
  • Serves


1 bag

masala chai-spiced oatmeal: steeping a tea in the water used to cook your oatmeal adds a new dimension

1 serving

fancy-schmancy oatmeal topping! brûléed bananas: brûléed bananas

1 serving

slow cooker spiced porridge


spice oatmeal: five spice powder adds a

1 head

slow cooker creamy pumpkin spice oatmeal: a decadent make-a oatmeal that's enriched


oatmeal in jars: make a week of breakfast in minutes: how to make a week of breakfast in just 3 minutes

1 serving

overnight oatmeal

1 serving

enriched cream of wheat

1 serving

how to make congee rice porridge: simple

1 serving

how to make a bowl of polenta in the microwave: polenta is a wonderful breakfast food. here are some ideas

1 jar

how to make your own oatmeal: want to have a of nearly oatmeal mix on hand? make it yourself. here's how