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Cake Pops, Balls, & Truffles: Troubleshooting & FAQ

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1 serving

q: why is my chocolate cracking

1 serving

q: my chocolate is too to dip. what's going on

1 serving

q: what chocolate melter are you using in your video? could i use a crockpot instead

1 can

q: what is almond bark? and i use regular chocolate instead

1 can

q: how i color my candy coating

1 can

q: how far in advance i make them? can i freeze them

1 Can

candy coating

1/2 cup

heavy cream

2 tbsp

corn syrup

1 1/2 cups

chocolate chips

1 can

q: what is your most popular flavor

1 sticks

q: what size to you use


posted on may 12

1 serving

frequently asked questions

1 serving

q: how should they be stored

1 sticks

q: why are my getting and oily