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How to Make a Power Outage Kit

  • minutes
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1 serving

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1 serving

are you interested in making a kit too

1 box

i've found an old-fashioned way to cook foods that require a bit more cooking time

1 serving

i store all of this in a rubbermaid bin

1 serving

keep them in a more accessible place. store fuel

1 serving

the heart of the kit is the written menu plan. i know we might be tempted to eat more than i've planned

1 glass

storing items this way will add the weight of the so keep that in mind if you want your power's out kit to be easily portable

1 Box

straw cooking

1 serving

the power's out again

1 serving

my power outage menu

1 serving

how to prepare

1 serving

how we prepare

1 serving

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