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Arise and Shine Forth: Birthday Gifts

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1 serving

fundraiser: chocolate strawberries and pretzels

1 serving

chocolate covered strawberries and caramel/chocolate covered pretzels

1 Box

strawberries $12

1 Bag

choc/caramel pretzels $8


combo pack of 4 strawberries/ 3 pretzels $0

1 serving

here is what the order forms looked like. i printed them on pink paper

1 oz

the young women ann d it in relief society and priesthood meetings 3 weeks before and passed out clip boards

1 sheet

all the forms and money came to me and i created a spread to plug all the information in

1 sheets

update: sadly i have lost the copies of my spread when my old computer died. so i cannot share them

1 serving

i purchased the pretzels rods and caramel at our local store orson gygi

5 lb

the caramel comes in a block

1 can

it is so easy to melt. you do it in a microwave


i the strawberries at costco. i think cases of them


case strawberries

5 1/2 oz

milk chocolate chips

11 1/2 oz

semi-sweet chocolate chips

4 Tablespoons


1 serving

we dipped strawberries first and the pretzels second to allow drying

1 serving

the girls thought it was fun to drizzle chocolate on everything

1 serving

the most important part

1 serving

this will keep them from finger lickn

1 serving

our young women were salivating to eat these


the candy boxes are

1 can

xpedex is nationwide. if you don't have a local store you call a store and they can ship some to you

1 serving

here is the number to the store i went to: 485-8882

1 serving

i have spools and spools of ribbon left from the ribbon outlet i went to in d.c a couple of years ago

1 package

all d and ready

1 serving

young women

1 serving

it was such a hit in our ward and we can't wait to do it again this year

1 link

if i end up making new ones

1 serving


1 serving

it is sooooo tempting but the gloves eliminate the desire. plus i remind them

1 serving

after we were finished


we started our saturday morning at and were done by noon to deliver. you don't have to offer delivery but we did and it worked. we would only deliver within our ward boundaries

1 boxes

i the at xpedex

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amy @ our

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