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Day #2 of Bird-Day Week: Angry Birds Can Toss Game

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i painted a layer of spring pasture over the spray paint. next i took a picture i found online and enlarged it on the copier 400x the original size. i cut out the snout and eyes as my pattern

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i took some of the spring pasture and it

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next i painted the of my outline. this is a lot like coloring in a coloring book. take a fairly brush that is not really

1 head

next i painted the and parts of the pig. i apparently got a of myself here

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after the solid areas were

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this game is going to be a big hit at the party

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i think these turned out really cute! i started

1 can

i placed the pattern on the and drew a dotted line around the edges

1 balls

i found these

1 serving

i outlined my design