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Blanching Okra And Freezing Breaded Okra

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1 serving

very few of my neighbors grow okra and even fewer eat it unless it is fried in cornmeal

1 serving

when i do it this way it comes out nice and and ready to freeze

1 slices

if you just want to freeze okra then simply take your blanched okra and lay them out on trays and freeze them. then they are ready to bag

2 cups

i use a mixture of corn meal to a cup of flour. i actually prefer using corn flour to corn meal when i have it

1 can

you season the cornmeal

1 serving

once your okra has baked

1 bags

once my breaded okra is then we place it in vacuum and freeze

1 bags

okra is bagged as soon as it is also in vacuum then labeled and added back to the freezer

1 can

the third way you preserve it is to place it on dehydrator trays as soon as it is blanched and dehydrate until

1 Ball

now in the book they do not tell you to blanch the okra before dehydrating but i find i have less problems

1 serving

hope this helps some of you

1 serving

blessings from the holler

1 serving

the quilter