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How to teach your kids to have fun by themselves

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ready to make your own independent playtime closet? here are the bes things to put inside it

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this little people playset is a great first toy

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put simple crafts in the play closet

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cooking tools

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this measuring cup and spoon set is the perfect place to start

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this colorful wisk set is great

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what you? do you have any “magical” tips

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closet toys are how i taught my toddlers how to play and have fun all by themselves


this is why i call them magical. because when you have little ones quiet minutes is better than magic

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how to teach your child to play alone

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noisy toys

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try this fun music set to use in your noisy closet toy collection

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toy cleaning equipment

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my friend kara has even more activities that promote independent toddler play right here

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it doesn't always work