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How to Make a Dried Orange Garland

  • minutes
  • Serves



navel oranges

1 serving

sharp serrated knife

1 sheets



preheat the oven degrees f

1 sheets

line cookie

1 Slice sheets

oranges 1/8 to 1/ and place in a single layer on the cookie

1 serving

tip: blot

1 serving

place in the oven and bake

1 slices

let the orange cool! they smell so

1 serving

string the oranges onto the fishing line. poke the line through the flesh of the orange

1 slices

orange that is also an option! etsy is my favourite place to shop


this is one of the easy christmas garlands i made this year. i promise if i can do it

1 sheet

here's a reference that you can print out

1 serving

cutting board

1 serving

fishing wire

1 sheets

1 can

leave 1-2 inch gaps as i did

1 can

fir garland as i did above our kitchen sink

1 serving

shop the post

1 pt

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