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Pumpkin Party Martini

  • minutes
  • Serves


1 serving

won't be drinking one

1 serving

what i will be drinking this halloween is this delightful and simple

1 serving

pumpkin martini. brian and i are invited to a party at one of his

2 ozs

vanilla vodka

1 oz

pumpkin puree

1/2 oz

pumpkin spice liqueur

1/2 oz

simple syrup

1 pinch


1 glass

shake well. pour into a cocktail and top

1 serving

dusting of cinnamon

1 can

as much fun as it be to create creepy

1 serving

don't always entice me to eat them. and the cocktails are sometimes the

1 serving

most gruesome

1 serving


1 head

be a and placed in the refrigerator until it's time to set

1 serving

them out on trays

1 serving

festive. cheers