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Crispy AIP Herby Onion Rings

  • minutes
  • Serves 2


1 serving

tasty recipe

1 serving

we love onion rings

1 serving

my husband always orders a batch at the chip shop when we go. and it occurred to me that we needed a healthier version that i could make at home

1 serving

after i'd mastered my battered fish recipe i reckoned i could use the same batter to make these beauties. i was a bit wrong - it needed some tweaking

1 serving

because everyone should be able to enjoy the occasional onion ring

1 serving

aip herby onion rings

1 large


1 cup

half of cassava flour - this is the type i use


third of a cup of fizzy water - you may need a little more

1 tsp

quarter garlic salt

1 pinch

ground turmeric

1 tsp


250 gs

block of lard

1 serving

sea salt flakes