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Greek Pitas with Instant Pot Pork and Cucumber Feta Salsa

Lillie, Lillie Loves Macros
  • 95 minutes
  • Serves 12


Papa Pitas if you've got room for the carbs! (Josephs's Pitas for the rest of us- still so amazing!)

Your favorite hummus

Butter lettuce chopped

Fresh squeeze of lemon

1 pinch

extra mint

2 lbs

pork tenderloin

Season Salt (or regular kosher salt will work)


medium sized onion (270 g)


red bell pepper (115 g)

8 cloves



Juice from lemon

1/4 cup

juice from pepperoncini jar* (optional- sub water or just do some extra lemon juice)

1 tsp

dried oregano

1 tsp

lemon pepper

1 tsp

kosher salt

1/2 tsp


parsley (*optional)

2 cups

diced cucumber (250 g)

2 cups

diced roma tomatoes (250 g) (remove any really juicy seedy inners)


small red onion, diced (150 g)

1 cup

diced red bell pepper (120 g)

1 tbsp

olive oil

1/4 cup

fat free feta (or reduced fat)

Big pinch fresh mint or to taste

kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to taste


lemons juiced

1 cup

non fat greek yogurt


garlic cloves


English cucumber, grated then squeezed in a paper towel to drain water (about 1/2 cup)

1 tbsp

chopped fresh mint or dill (I love mint but dill is more traditional so I'm including that option!)

2 tbsp

fresh lemon juice

1/2 tbsp

olive oil (more if you want it richer and don't mind the fat)

1/4 tsp

sea salt

1/4 tsp

freshly-ground black pepper

3 tbsp

fat free milk or enough to thin to desired consistency

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