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BBQ Chickpea and Crispy Polenta Bowls with Asparagus + Ranch Hummus.

Tieghan, Half Baked Harvest
  • 30 minutes
  • Serves 4


1 1/2 cups

cooked cannellini/great northern beans (or 1 can (drained and rinsed))

2 tbsp

tahini (sesame paste)

2 tbsp

greek yogurt or sour cream (I like greek yogurt, leave out for vegan version)


lemon (juiced)

1 clove

garlic (minced or grated)

2 tsp

dried parsley

3/4 tsp

dried dill

1/2 tsp

onion powder

1/2 tsp

dried chives

1/2 tsp


1/2 tsp


1/3 cup

olive oil


bunch asparagus (ends trimmed)

2 tbsp

olive oil (divided)

Good pinch of salt and pepper

1 1/2 cups

[your favorite BBQ sauce | https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/homemade-barbecue-sauce-just-like-sweet-baby-rays/]

1 tbsp

rounded creole seasoning

1 tbsp

rounded cajun seasoning

cayenne pepper

1 lb

tube polenta (cut into 1/2 inch slices (use 2 tubes for a hungrier crowd), 1)

1/4 cup

parmesan cheese (grated (leave out for vegan version))

3 cups

cooked chickpeas (or 2 cans of rinsed + drained chickpeas)

4 cups

fresh arugula (spinach or your favorite greens)

1 pint

grape tomatoes (halved)


avocado (sliced)

2 oz

sharp cheddar cheese (shredded (leave out for vegan version))